Wynne In Doubt

XX5377, XB523
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Wynne In Doubt 

DOB: 11/27/2017

BW: 80 


Sire: Here I Am 

Dam: 3/4 Angus (Structure x N. Improvement x Full Flush) 

Most intriguing son to date! We always knew that it would be hard to pass the torch on from HIA, but WID could possibly fill his shoes and even do some things more consistently than his father! WID is one short backed, bold bodied, deep sided bull that we think can consistently have really high dollar groups of cattle. With his mother having a touch of Angus in her pedigree we feel like he will work incredible just like his father on clean Heatwave derivative females, and the one plus we think with him is you can breed him to some of your more "tricked" out females due to what he looks like phenotypically in his body shape and flank, and having that touch of Angus on the bottom side. Don't be scared to jump on the new train here and try something new because you very likely could be left in the dust!