Worthington AI24

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The AI24 animal insemination refrigerator provides greater capacity and security for storage at cryogenic temperatures, with the durability and performance needed under the must rugged conditions. 


Innovative features that work harder for you: 

  • Rugged - Lightweight ribbed aluminium exterior construction and magneformed joints for maximum structural integrity. 
  • Reliable - Designed and constructed to stringent specifications and highest quality requirements. 
  • Ready - When you need it, samples can be easily retrieved and stored for an extended period of time. 


Static Holding Time 218 days
Working Time  137 days
Evaporation Rate  0.11 liters/day
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity  24 liters
Weight Empty  26.2 lbs
Weight Full 69.0 lbs
Neck Diameter  2.38 in.
Overall Height 25.8 in.
Overall Diameter 15.6 in. 
Number of Canisters  6
Number of 1/2cc Straws (10/cane) 720



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