TM Gus 36S

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SS299, SS800

Product Description

TM Gus 36S

Reg# 4113396

DOB: 2-20-2006

BW: 87


Sire: Eionmor Mr. Gus 80C

Dam: Bar JS RC Kendra 0223

TH: Free

PHA: Free


Polled, purebred Shorthorn. Gus offers a combination of outstanding data, outcross pedigree, and superior phenotypic quality!


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      xC447784 CROWFOOT FLAG 6H
    xC457263 GAFA MOCHICAN
      xC635656 GAFA ROYAL MAY
Sire: x3944295 PHA-F TH-F EIONMOR MR GUS 80C
      C452090 EIONMOR CAMELOT 70L
      xC631786 EIONMOR RUBY AME 22L
      x3947054 PS PHA-F TH-F JG RED CLOUD
    x4005977 GFS RED CLOUD 9025
      x3901874 PS DEER TRAIL WYNONNA
Dam: x4053668 PHA-F TH-F BAR JS RC KENDRA 0223
      *x3895746 BLUE GATE HIGH HOPE236
    *x3999119 PHA-F TH-F ASH VALLEY KENDRA 7142
      x3872756 ASH VALLEY KENT 0579

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