TFL X651 Tested A003 (Shumaker)

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TFL X651 Tested A003 (Shumaker)


Reg #43361464

DOB: 1/29/2013

BW: 71

WW: 544

YW: 1100

Sire: Efbeef TLFL U208 Tested X651 ET

Dam: TFL T038 Paisley W6

Yearling Scrotal Measure 38.8

Yearling REA: 13.9

Yearling IMF: 4.45

DL: Free

HY: Free

IE: Free

TH: Free


Homozygous Polled with eye and scrotal pigment.

His 2012 born progeny topped the marbling (112%) in the AHA National Reference Sire Program with a 95% birth weight ratio and 103% weaning ratio.