Tank Top

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The Original Tank Top 

SMALL $65 (fits Millenium XC20, SC 20/20, Doble 20, SC 20/12V)

MEDIUM $70 (fits XC 34/18, SC 33/22, Doble 34, SC 36/32, XT34)

LARGE  $75 (fits XC 43/28, 47-11-6, 47-11-10, Doble 47, Doble 47-11-10)

You look good...........shouldn't your Tank?   Dress "em up in the Original Tank Top 

Three easy steps:   

  • Choose your tank model in the drop down window
  • Choose your Tank Top Color
  • Decide if you want a blank cover.....OR one with your logo.......

Logo can be in any format.... If printing on both sides of tank top is requested, an additional $20 will be added to your bill for additional printing and design costs.  


Allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. 

Here are the colors currently available