SULL Classified

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SULL Classified

REG# AR4283643  CHI 397603 12.85% 

Shorthorn Plus

DOB: 2/25/2018

BW: 84 






SULL Classified is truly one of the most exciting and best Shorthorn Plus sires of style, balance and power of any herd sire to come out of Sullivan Farms. Not only will this elite sire work extremely well on Shorthorn Plus females, all of his progeny will be high percent Chi. A full sib, SULL Secretive Rose, was the champion Shorthorn Plus female at the 2016 NAILE open show, 3rd overall at the 2016 National Jr. Shorthorn Show and 3rd overall at the 2016 Iowa State Fair. Another full sib was supreme champion overall breeds at the Houston Stock Show. SULL Classified has all the pieces we look for when trying to find that next dominating bull; successful pedigree, registerable progeny and a flawless phenotype.