Rocky Balboa

MA46, MA752
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Rocky Balboa

Reg# 379037 AMAA

50% Maine-Anjou

DOB: 03/01/2006

BW: 60

Sire: Ali

Dam: Who Made Who

TH: Free

PHA: Free

AM: Free

NH: Free



Rocky Balboa has proven himself to be a favorite for those wanting a calving ease bull without sacrificing muscle and style.

Rocky Balboa has been amazing people with small, hairy, stylish calves that grow into high sellers and show ring winners.

The majority of his calves are born in the 65-75 pound range.

PHA-Free Rocky Balboa is calving ease alternative to Ali that offers a hair coat that is similar to that of a Scotish Highlander.

He calved unassisted out of a first calf heifer and had a birthweight of 60 lbs.



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