Parker Emblazon 1064

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Parker Emblazon 1064


Sire: OCC Emblazon 854E

Dam: Thomas Carol 1246


Parker Emblazon 1064 is out of a Thomas Carol 1246 cow, one of the maternal giants of the Angus breed

1064’s paternal grand dam is Dixie Erica of CH1019, a dam that was the well-known and appreciated maternal mainstay of Ohlde’s OCC herd.  Ohlde genetics are widely used in show cattle circles for their maternal strengths.

This bull will produce moderate framed well-muscled, high volume, functional, sound cows like his two closest female ancestors.

 Parker Emblazon 1064 should be used by producers seeking moderate Angus genetics that will provide function, longevity, and attractive phenotype.


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