Never Wrong

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Never Wrong

Hereford Outcross

Sire: Made Right

Dam: 001 Dirty Leg (Polled Hereford/Warhorse)


THC/PHA Pending



Finally a Hereford out-cross that has purple running in his blood! Never Wrong is without a doubt the biggest boned, thickest ended, best haired Hereford out-cross that you can find! Backed by his father, the legendary Made Right, and the new and upcoming 001 Dirty Leg cow who raised the Reserve Hereford Steer in Fort Worth in 2012 (first calf crop), this bull is destined for big things! Use Never Wrong on Hereford cows that need a shot of bone, hair, or Club Calf and cows that you want to see more color out of and not be disappointed.