Monopoly Clone 7

XB186, XB887
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Monopoly Clone 7


6.893% Chi, 14.843% Maine, 64.98% Angus, 13.28% Other


DOB: November 2011

BW: 95

Sire: Heat Wave

Dam: Hazel (Century Touchstone Angus)

TH: Carrier

PHA: Free

AM: Free

NH: Free



Monopoly was the bull that changed the show cattle industry forever and is still continuing to have many champions in the show ring. We could write a book on all of the successes of Monopoly calves as he has been the sire to champions in every state. He is known for making high dollar steers and heifers that do not disappoint. They are consistently smooth, stout, and sound. Buy some Monopoly semen and let him make you famous.