MAV Premonition

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MAV Premonition


Reg# 43492837

DOB: 3/8/2014

BW: 92

Sire: BH Kutter 3011ET

Dam: LLB 117 U Venus 30Y

TH: Free

PHA: Free

DL: Free

HY: Free

IE: Free



Outcross pedigree his sire The Immortal BH Kutter 2011 and his sires full sisters BH 3012 and BH 3013 have been the most prolific contributors (from purebred Hereford genetics) to major Hereford steer champions in the Texas circuit period

He is perfectly marked and clean of all genetics defects

As an added bonus, if there is a better haired hereford bull out there we haven't seen him yet