Maternal Perfection

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Maternal Perfection

Reg#: 441628 (50% Maine)

DOB: 2/2012

BW: 80

Sire: Irish Whiskey

Dam: Imprint/Witch Dr/Chill Factor

TH: Free

PHA: Carrier

AM: Free

NH: Free



Powerful Maine sired cattle are in ever increasing demand across America. With the look, body, style and performance in a moderate made, functional package, Maternal Perfection is a go to sire for an Irish Whiskey son with the versatility to be used in many different arenas and avenues of the cattle industry. When crossed on Angus, Maine, Club Calf or Simmental influenced females the result is flat good! He and his females will leave a legacy such as his sire and those females have over the past few years.