Killer Instinct

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MCF Killer Instinct

AKA Horse of Another Color

Reg# 379668 (Maine Anjou)

DOB: March 2005

BW: 88

TH: Carrier

PHA: Carrier

Sire: MCF Cobra (Warhorse Son)

Dam: MCF Miss Horny 45XH


Killer Instinct is the most unique calf ever born at Mid Continent Farms. His undeniable quality and killer looks coupled with extra soundness and the most unprecidented color pattern ever displayed by a calf sets him apart from the others. His pedigree features Warhorse, Horny, Sugar Ray, Zeus, Century Touchstone, Traveler 1148, Kodiak, Prairie Blizzard, 042, Double Stuff, and Debbie! He'll throw nearly every color and breed classification imaginable.


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