Justified A919

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Justified A919


RHF/A5X/ECS Justified

Tattoo #A919

Reg# 2735985

3/4 SM, 3/16 AN, 1/16 MA

DOB: 2/18/2013

BW: 77

WW: 705

YW: 1419

Frame Score: 6

Scrotal Measure: 42/5

Sire: DHF Jades Dreamworks

Dam: STCC Ruby P172

Assumed Heterozygous Black



Introducing JUSTIFIED the black baldy full brother to Houston, the 3/4 Simmental bull that's setting the bar for siring champions.

Justified is unmatched in terms of style, length of neck and look, while maintaining muscle and bone mass.

He has the maternal aspects of Meyer, Dream On, and Black Jade.

He's the "baldy" bull you've been looking for.

Mate him for purebreds or percentages, either way the offspring will demand attention.


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