Jake's Sultan of Jazz

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Jake's Sultan of Jazz 213S

Reg #4135958

DOB: 3/24/2006

BW: 76

Sire: Jake's Proud Jazz

Dam: Jake's Nola

TH: Free

PHA: Free

DS: Free



Sires more capacity, fleshing ability, and function than any Shorthorn available today.

Sires low birth weights, and his daughters are heavy boned with beautiful udders and phenotype.

Will sire great blue roans out of black cows.


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      x3098353 TPS CORONET LEADER 21ST
    *4034704 PHA-F TH-F JAKE'S PROUD LEADER 243H
      *AR30478 POLY ROSE 6113
Sire: *x4058319 PHA-F TH-F JAKE'S PROUD JAZZ 266L
      *xAR30384 OCC JAKE'S PRIDE 245B
    *xAR32364 PHA-F TH-F JAKE'S JAZZY 250J
      *x3961998 PHA-F TH-F POLY CJ CUMBERLAND 5113 ET
      x2887446 CORONET MAX LEADER
    x3098353 TPS CORONET LEADER 21ST
      2906288 NONPAREIL LADY 163D
Dam: x4135957 JAKE'S NOLA 244N ET
      x3854743 C CISCO SE 539
    3908179 POLY C MAID 2112
      3773157 MISS D POLY MAID 413