Italian Stallion

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Italian Stallion


Reg # ACA 371026

DOB: 3/2013

BW: 88

Sire: Man Among Boys

Dam: Fair Wicked Harriet 902W

TH: Carrier

PHA: Free

AM: Free

NH: Free



Italian Stallion was received as the best bull in Denver in several years in January 2014.

The bull has extra style, smoothness of shoulder and correctness of pasterns to go along with the extra foot size and power.

The MAB genetic line is known to look great as babies but sometimes get coarse shouldered and rigid in their pasterns as they mature.  Italian Stallion is back by one of the more proven and exciting donors in the country, she having previously raised Nick Reimann's Liquid Courage, Bright/Leo's Don't Stop Believing and Fair's Luck all promoted A.I. sires.  This extra cow power will bring more consistency and staying power to Italian Stallion's genetic line.

First calves are coming in the mid 80's for birthweight with extra foot size and extremely fluffy hair coat.