I Believe

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I Believe

Reg# ACA 370946, AMAA 442047

10.086% CHI, 51.269% Maine, 29.682% Angus, 0.024% Hereford, 8.934% Other

DOB: 3/7/2012

BW: 95

Sire: Believe In Me

Dam: BPF Miley 80T

TH: Carrier

PHA: Free


 We feel this bull has two of the most powerful cow families the club calf industry has ever seen, 7587 (Draft Pick son x Miss Perfection F.F. x 602) and Miley (mother of I-80).  He has the look of his father and the build of his mother.  I believe is unbelievable in terms of his structure and look from the profile.  He may be as proven as any in the Rodgers lineup, with a great track record of raising champions and consistently working on Monopoly type females.  We love how this bull throws them with that "cobra neck" and unique presence.