I-80 Clones

XB281, XB282, XB283
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I-80 Clones 1,2 & 3

Reg # 400082 (87.5% Purebred Maine)

DOB: 3/2009

BW: 62



Sire: Cowan's Ali 4M

Dam: BPF Miley 80T



You could search the country over and over and still never find a high percentage Maine bull with as much hair and power as I-80. Derived from showring dominating Maine genetics, I-80 will sire cattle that will thrive in a wide variety of situations. Whether you are breeding for Maine show heifers or competitive steers, I-80 is the bull for the job.


Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer, 2012 Missouri AGR, sired by I-80.  Champion Breeding Heifer, 2011 Heart of It All, sired by I-80.  Proven to be a calving ease specialist with style.  Possesses bone, thickness, volume of rib, and structural soundness.  Trendsetting style & winning pedigree.