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REG# 3542175   PB Simmental 

DOB: 01/11/2018

BW: 84  WW: 805

Sire: Profit

Dam: KMJ Cowgirl 264


Performance & Power! 

His power and presence are front and center from the first time you see him. The more you study his balance and style the more you love him. Get him out on the move and you'll love how he hits his step right on.Husker is big topped. big footed, big scrotaled , and powerful the whole way through.  He is smooth made and long necked with volumes of muscle and power. This is a performance and a production oriented bull all in the same package. It's seldom you come across a PB that is this good, this sound, and with a proven, profitable pedigree! He was Grand Champion at the American Royal and Reserve at Fort Worth.