Hired Man

CM113, CM0505
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Hired Man

Reg# 320632 (Chi)

DOB: April 2006

BW: 87

TH: Free

PHA: Free

Sire: Hannibal

Dam: Sullivan 102 (Double Stuff)


Finally a TH Free & PHA Free bull that can show you the power! His calves come with lots of hair, bone and mass. Hired Man quite possibly might be the one we all have been waiting for. To top it all off, we have seen quite a few baldy calves out of him. Hired Man calf reports have been between 85 to 95 lbs and are very consistent. Hired Man works great on Heat Wave and Heat Seeker cows. He also works real well on shorter spined cows that need powered up. He has sired many great bulls and show calves across the country and his calves have topped a lot of sales. There is no where to go but up with this bull. He is definitely living up to his reputation of being one of the great sires.


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