Hi Ho Silver

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Hi Ho Silver

REG# ACA 376609

4.056% CHI, 12.304% Maine, 51.166% Angus, 0.024% Hereford, 32.446% Other

DOB: 2/3/2014

BW: 90

Sire: Monopoly

Dam: Skid Mark 589R (Alias)

TH: Free

PHA: Free

DS: Carrier




The test results came back and the future generations of club calf production will forever be changed with the introduction of this incredible TH and PHA Free bull.

Never before has a bull like this been available and we are pleased to offer the first semen.

His legacy should be left in the ability to produce high quality steers, elite show heifers, and unbelievable replacement females for future production.

Unlike any other we have promoted.  Without question, Hi Ho Silver changes the game!

Breed to TH Carrier colored cows to make high dollar colored steers.

Breed to maternal built cows to produce steers or heifers.

Breeding recommendations: Breed to Charolais, Shorthorns, and other clean cow to get females or steers.