Heat Wave Clone #5

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XX913, XB58

Product Description

Heat Wave Clone #5

Reg# 293213 ACA, 401231 AMAA

13.785% Chi, 29.685% Maine, 29.96% Angus, 26.560% Other

DOB: March 2009

BW: 89

Sire: Heat Seeker

Dam: Maine Cross

TH: Carrier

PHA: Free

NH: Free

AM: Free



Heat Wave still sires the majority of the Steer Championships across the nation. They are competitive at all levels in the show ring. Heat Wave 5 was a huge mover last year. Heat Wave 5 contains the exact same DNA makeup as the legendary Heat Wave, with his own unique style and flair.

Heat Wave and the Heat Wave clones have established themselves as the greatest show cattle genetics in America! They sire champions with that unmistakable look, stout bone, great hair, and overwhelming natural thickness. We could write volumes about all that Heat Wave and the clones have accomplished. Heatwave is the king of the ring after almost 20 years and still producing champions! Get your hands on this semen as soon as possible! 


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