Good As It Gets

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Good As It Gets

Reg# ASA 3540224  MA 498883

DOB: 3/5/2018


Sire: Maternal Made 

Dam: Broker/Angus


The maternal bull we have all been waiting for! 

The next great maternal sire, Good As It Gets is one incredible looking mature bull that has the right foot shape, length of stride, and maintains his balance perfectly when you set him into motion! Unlike most maternal bulls and Angus sires when you step in behind GAIG he has the power and the natural width and dimension it seems like our industry is trending towards within both the heifer and steer rings! GAIG is a go to bull in our operation on our cows that we want to continue to make great females out of and to have a splash of color and keep the hairy quality extremely good. We feel that in years to come you will see this bull more consistently on the bottom of pedigrees! 


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