GCC Unwound

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GCC Unwound 512Z

Reg# 430229 (50% Maine Anjou)

DOB: 3/15/2012

BW: 84

Sire: Irish Whiskey

Dam:Miss Chill 1829

TH: Free

PHA: Free


At Griswold Cattle we believe in the power of strong maternal genetics and have focused our program around cow families for generations. The cream always rises to the top and 1829 is as dominate in producing great ones as any female we have owned. Unwound is a full brother to the great Cerveza and maternal brother to Whizard. Cerveza is one of the all time greatest son’s of Irish Whiskey, now couple that with a Whizard. Everyday we love him more as we calve in his daughters. Two different breeds, but one strong link, 1829. Look long and hard at Unwound, this is the type of bull to take your program to a whole new level.


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