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GCC New Game

Reg# 18324437

DOB: 3/9/15


SIRE: Dameron First Class

DAM: Duff NE 9375 Georgina845

New Game is going to be more than just a new name, he's proven that he has what it takes to demand a premium. When you talk about power, class and pedigree this is a bull that falls right into every category with ease. He is a big topped, stout made, cool patterned individual with the ability to produce. His dam and maternal sisters are some of the prettiest cows that we own, you could cookie cutter 1,000 of them and still want 1,000 more. They are the right kind regardless of the kind of cattle you like. It's a new day and a NEW GAME! He was selected calf Champion in Denver. His calves are awesome, they have all the right parts and are marketable and profitable. 


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