GCC Makin Time

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GCC Makin Time

REG# AMAA496260  3/8 Maine


BW: 68

Sire: NMR Maternal Made 

Dam: Miss Chill 1829 

We have calves on the ground and they look really, good, as in the best set of calves we have on the ranch! They are stout, hairy, with bone, and mass. This bull is the real deal! 

Makin Time's dam 1829 is one of the greatest cows we have ever owned, she makes herd bulls, she makes donors, the most important thing she does is make them GOOD! She is the dam to Cerveza and Whizard's, two bulls who have sired as many high dollar females for raising club calf bulls as any bull in the industry besides Whiskey. Maternal sisters are in our donor program and are proving the same consistency as their dam. This is a pedigree that has proven time and again to cross with Wade Rodgers bulls, it's the pedigree of Champions!