GCC Legacy

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GCC Legacy 647X

Reg #16855217

DOB: 2/2/2010

Sire: GCC Total Recall 806T

Dam: GCC Jody 900U

BW: 69


For the ones that want just a little more growth than the Gold Standards and don't want to sacrifice calving ease, use Legacy. He will give you a little more size, and they are beautiful cows from a great cow family. He has been used in several 500 to 1000 cow operations that breed all their first calf heifers to him and they just don't have any problems. As a mature bull Legacy is something to be admired. He will tip the scale with overall muscle, rib, shape, and mass. He is producing daughters that are perfect uddered and beautiful patterned. He comes with the Griswold Cattle stamp of approval for calving ease. Calving ease with maternal!



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