GCC Cerveza

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GCC Cerveza

Reg# 328874 AMAA

50% Maine-Anjou

DOB: 3-15-04

BW: 76

WW: 671

 Sire: Irish Whiskey

Dam: Miss Chill 1829

TH: Free

PHA: Carrier

AM: Free

NH: Free



Cerveza is one of the heavier structured Whiskey sons, and is quite popular in the club calf circles for siring the stouter made females that can produce the freaky bone and power needed to compete.

The go to bull to produce the same type and kind as his potent sire.

He works on a wide variety of cows adding moderation, thickness, pretty and power, with the hair and look that has made Whiskey famous.

A combination of two of the most prominent pedigrees in the industry Chill Factor and Irish Whiskey, with a dam that produces the right kind every time.


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