FSF Starburst 058

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FSF Starburst 058

Reg# 4170852

DOB: 3-28-2010

BW: 85

Sire: FSF Stardust 777

Dam: Jake's Sierra 211

TH: Free

PHA: Free

DS: Carrier



Now deceased

FSF Starburst is one of the hottest young bulls in the Shorthorn business!

Smaller, stouter, and neater than most you'll find. Starburst comes from a donor dam that ranks with the very best we've ran and is a full sisiter to Jake's Sultan of Jazz. 

Starburst has that hard to find combination of stoutness, size, and look. Added features are his color, hair and maternal heritage. 

His calves are tremendous and 2015 brought news of high sellers and many champions.

He sired the Champion and the Reserve Champion Shorthorn steers at Indiana and Illinois State Fairs.



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      *x3909231 PMSY PHA-F TH-F CF TRUMP X
    *x4054940 PHA-F TH-C DF VEGAS 310M ET
      *sx3954766 PHA-F TH-C NPS MIRAGE 544 ET
Sire: *x4130859 PHA-F TH-F FSF STARDUST 777 ET
      *xAR37407 FSF TAYLOR MADE
    *4098955 PHA-F TH-C FSF VALLEY ROSE 2149
      *3994472 PHA-F TH-F NPS VALLEY ROSE 98 LD
      *4034704 PHA-F TH-F JAKE'S PROUD LEADER 243H
    *x4058319 PHA-F TH-F JAKE'S PROUD JAZZ 266L
      *xAR32364 PHA-F TH-F JAKE'S JAZZY 250J
Dam: *4135956 PHA-F TH-F JAKE'S SIERRA 211S
      x3098353 TPS CORONET LEADER 21ST
    4135955 JAKE'S NATALIA 285N ET
      3908179 POLY C MAID 2112


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