Family Money

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KBSC Family Money 35D

Reg# 471438 (3/4 Maine)
DOB: 1/17/2016
BW: 85
TH: Free
PHA: Free
Sire: Daddy's Money
Dam: Bremer 035 (Spice)


Bremer Show Cattle is excited to introduce "Family Money”, a versatile polled 3/4 Maine-Anjou Sire, sired by Daddy's Money. His Phenotype is unparalleled and that starts at the ground. His structure is absolutely impeccable from his foot size and shape, to the size and angles of his joints, everything fits and flows with perfection. "Family Money" is so unique in his combination of look with body mass, and his rib shape and depth is right for the times. Perhaps what makes him special is his performance traits. He has a Birth Weight of 85 lbs, a Weaning Weight of 670 lbs, and a Yearling Weight of 1276 lbs which gives him a 3.49 WDA. To top it all off, he is one of the few Maine-Anjou bulls on the right side of the breed average in every column on his EPD performance profile. Study the video of this guy “kicked loose” and tell us what you think! 


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