Fair And Square

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Fair And Square

Reg# ACA392865

Maintainer High Chi

BW: 88


Sire: Fu Man Chu

Dam: Milky Way

For everyone wanting some shorter bodied chubbier Fu Man Chu's, this is your bull! This may be the absolute stoutest, shortest bodied, burliest FU son to date! The calf reports have been absolutely off the charts and the calves are coming out with the extra hair and bone while still having the length and extension that everyone loved about FU! Fair And Square is the most exciting Fu Man Chu son to date. FNS's build is what we look for in the FU's. He is extremely deep bodied, wide square pinned, awesome balance from chest to flank, and perfect in his structure. We love the cow side of him as well. She is an Ali/Full Flush that has produced many high sellers and champions! This bull is right for the times and we truly believe he can make an impact on your calf crop! Breed him to your stouter cows that need a shot of hair.

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