EXAR Denver 2002B

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EXAR Denver

Reg# 17160560

DOB 01/01/2012

BW: 76


Sire: EXAR Upshot 0562B

Dam: EXAR Royal Lass 1067


Bred to break records, EXAR Denver is one of the very first calves born by the record setting ORIgen sire, EXAR Upshot 0562B. The dam of EXAR Denver is a daughter of the Express featured ORIgen sire EXAR 263C. As a natural calf, he combined a 76lb BW with an adjusted 205-day weight of 930lbs and an adjusted 356-day weight of 1592lbs, recording a yearling scrotal measure of 40cm with an adjusted URE measure of 18.5 sq in and adjusting IMF measure of 6.11%.


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