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Artificial Insemination Guns are a critical piece of equipment used for nearly all AI protocols in cattle
and are available in varieties & various quality. But unlike the competition, the ESTROTECT AI gun is
your all-purpose solution, as it works with 0.5 ml straws, as well as 0.25 ml straws.

This ESTROTECT A.I. Gun has numerous advantages compared to any other type & make of A.I. Guns
available in the market, including:

• Use any type of A.I. Sheaths (Medium, Mini & Universal), split or unsplit can be used.
• Self-locking of sheath by simply pushing it into the Gun.
• Sheath can easily be released by pressing release lever.
• Plunger locking device avoid falling of plunger during handling.
• Three stainless steel tubes reinforced body give more strength to A.I. Gun.
• No donut ring is used, therefore no worry of losing and misplacing it.

Since the introduction of these A.I. Guns by ESTROTECT many AI technicians have quickly adapted to
these AI guns.