Easy Out

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Easy Out

Reg# 300130 (Chianina)

DOB: 5-1-02

BW: 60

TH: Free

PHA: Carrier


Sire: Who Made Who

Dam: Payback x Double Stuff

Easy Out is a bull that is backed by two generations of calving ease (birthweight #60, Dam's birthweight #56). Easy Out may well become the answer to everyone's ultimate goal of obtaining the least amount of calving difficulty, with the most amount of club calf potential. Some in the past have used straight bred bulls of various breeds, but come fall any have found little upside potential to generating the dollars needed when putting heifers into production. With many of the most successful bulls of the times (Who Made Who, Heat Wave, Payback, Heat Seeker) being questioned as being too small when young - we feel only those who choose not to use will lose again this time.

% Chianina: 4.88

% Angus: 24.41

% Hereford: 0.195

% Maine: 39.06

% Other: 31.445


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