Double Dose

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Double Dose


DOB: 2/10/2014

BW: 98

Yearling Scrotal Measure: 35

Sire: Two Tone

Dam: Lutrick 818 (Doctor Who/Blue chip/Cunia)

TH: Carrier

PHA: Free



New for 2015! Great cows make great bulls! Lutrick 818 is a direct daughter of Mimms 401, which is the only animal ever cloned by Dr. Mike Mimms. Like mother like daughter, Lutrick 818 is as consistent as the day is long. Here at Lutrick Show Cattle, we believe good cattle are built from the ground up. Double Dose is extremely sound and fluid in his movement, yet still has all the look and power needed to produce club calves. I believe a bull should look like a bull, and be functional enough to actually get out and breed cows, year in and year out. Double Dose possesses ideal hind leg set and base width, and is built upon four large, equally sized hooves that all point the same direction. His yearling scrotal circumference is 35cm. Long story short, if eye appeal, butts, guts, nuts, and hoof size are important traits in your selection criteria, Double Dose will be a great option for your program.