DJS The Outsider

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DJS The Outsider

Reg# 4208833

DOB: 9/26/2013

BW: 74lbs

Sire: MAV Charisma 

Dam: DJS SC SP Annabelle J 921

TH: Free

PHA: Free

DS: Carrier 


His calves are chubby and softer. With the added bonus of soundness. His calves will be sounder than most bulls out there. He is currently the only Charisma son on the open market. PB Shorthorn that is double clean and built to make shorthorns great again in the steer ring! Many breeders have commented that they are breeding their medium framed to moderate framed females to Outsider and breeding their medium framed to larger framed females to “MLC Red Neck” to increase profitability in the shorthorn character part of their operation!


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