Data Bank

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Data Bank

REG# 464046


BW: 76





Data Bank has quickly put himself on the map as the go to sire for consistent quality. No matter who you talk to time and time again they will tell you their Data Banks are one of their top sire groups. There are plenty of winners wearing purple with him on the top end of their pedigree. The calves come easy, he has been called a calving ease bull, and they get up and grow from the day they hit the ground and they have all the look and style that you demand! 

No I-80, no Ali and he works awesome on those pedigrees! Data Bank is extremely well balanced smooth made individual that has an undeniably great look. He hails from some of the greatest cow families in the breed who have shown their power in the show ring but most importantly in the pasture. He is awesome footed, smooth jointed and is as athletic as you can make a mature bull, he's square made and extremely soft middled. 


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