Damn Proud

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R-C WG Damn Proud

Reg #4168708

DOB: 2/9/2010

BW: 89

Sire: Jake's Proud Jazz 266

Dam: WG RC Golden Cherry 622

TH: Carrier

PHA: Free

DS: Carrier



Damn Proud will generate those heifers with a maternal look while being correct in their build, or show steers with body mass and muscle.

Damn Proud was thought to be the best Shorthorn bull in the yards at Denver in 2011, or some say, of any color. 

This one is functional, stout ribbed, and massive hipped, while giving that incredible look from the side.

Damn Proud is producing champions and high sellers for many breeders such as RC Show Cattle, Cate's Farms, and Sullivan farms.


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