Connealy Dateline

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Connealy Dateline


Sire: D H D Traveler 6807

Dam: Eila Eila of Conanga

DOB: 2/02/1993


One of the most popular, proven, and widely used sons of Traveler 6807. The females out of Dateline make very productive cows. His daughters are moderate framed, deep ribbed, easy fleshing, and have picture perfect udders.

Dateline could be the most heavily used sire in the breed today, and his reputation continues to grow daily. A solid calving-ease sire, who sires uniform, growthy calves, that have excellent thickness and conformation. Dateline possesses possibly the most balanced set of performance data in the industry, with more than 12,000 progeny on file. He sires calves with length, volume and fleshing ability. A solid numbered carcass sire, his offspring have shown excellent carcass merit, both through progeny testing and ultrasound data. Dateline is proving himself as an outstanding female sire, as his daughters in production have elevated him to the elite status of Pathfinder Sire.


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