Carpe Diem

XB015, XX5021, XX1023
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KBCC Carpe Diem

Reg# 354367 ACA

4.393% Chi, 8.593% Maine, 11.23% Angus, 50% Hereford, 25.78% Other


DOB: 3/1/2005

BW: 70

Sire: Tank

Dam: Hereford x Maine

TH: Carrier

PHA: Free



Now deceased.

Every 10 years or so a bull like this comes along. One that is calving ease, passes along muscle and mass and out of that comes champions.

He also seems to pattern the coloring of the calf after the dam.

His calves are winning major shows across the south and are topping sales across the country like Dustin Glover’s, Kris Black’s, Kelly Munson’s and Kroupa’s to name a few.

The female progeny out of this bull are really coming to the top of the replacement heifers pens as top donors for many club calf producers.

Use this bull with confidence in your program.



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