Calvo Easy Red 126C

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Calvo Easy Red 126C

Reg# 3561243

DOB: 5/4/2015

BW: 70 


Sire: OCC Easy Red

Dam: BUF CRK Amy W086 

Royally bred from top to bottom! His dam, W086, is a direct daughter of the Beckton Nebula M045 bull. She was purchased on the Buffalo Creek Dispersion Sale back in 2010. She has been paving her way here ever since, and has made her way up to the top with no quetions asked. She ranks in the top 1% for Calving Ease Direct, Birth Weight, Dry Matter Intake, and Maintenance Energy. Not to mention the top 3% in Heifer Pregnancy and posts a 124 on her IMF. She has sired numerous herd bulls in our program that have been used here at the ranch and other purebred programs across the country. Easy Red 126C is a dark-red bull that is massive from any angle. A big crest in his neck with tons of middle shape. He carries a low flank with a big long made hip. He is a sound moving bull with excellent black feet. 126C is a bull that can uphold his mom’s track record and has been siring some impressive offspring. His calves have been noted to start out small and grow fast with lots of look and shape. Calvo Easy Red 126C is a proven sleep all night heifer bull with power to spare.