Believe In Me

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Believe In Me

Reg #ACA362775

10.798% Chi, 38.28% Maine, 35.683% Angus, 15.233% Other

DOB: 3/11/2010

BW: 84

 Sire: Heat Wave

 Dam: 7587 (Draft Pick)


TH: Carrier

PHA: Free



Will produce tremendous amounts of hair, bone, and look.

 Sire of hundreds of champions and high sellers across the country. He has the potential to sire a look with extreme hair and bone like no other on the market. Believe In Me has accomplished a great deal in his career so far. He has produces hundreds of champions and has the ability to sire the highest selling steers of any. 

He will breed more like Heat Wave while his full brother Walks Alone, will breed like Full Flush.

A cornerstone of the Rodgers operation he consistently throws them hairier and a shot bigger boned than his brother. Good cattle never go out of style and he is still right for the times! 


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