Bar N Latest Edition 1U1Z

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Bar N Latest Edition 1U1Z


Reg # 17379810

DOB: 2/20/2012

BW: 71

WW: 659

YW: 1076

Frame Score: 5

Mature Hip Height: 54

Mature Scrotal Measure: 45cm

Sire: Duff New Edition 6108

Dam: Bar N Unchained Melody 665U


Homo Polled


Latest Edition is large bodied, big ribbed, moderate framed butll that comes at you and goes away square and wide at both ends with muscle to match not only down his top but also his quarter and stifle-all this with some of the breed's most powerful genetics.

His maternal granddam sold $33,000 in bull calves. Kept all heifers.

His dam has sold 2 bulls for a total of $15,000.  Kept all heifers.

New Edition sired some other great bulls for Duff Cattle: Duff Amigo, Duff Angus, Duff Stimulus, Duff Palermo, Duff Hobart.

New Edition popular sire for Griswold Cattle, being a leading semen seller.

Females from these family lines are deep bodied, sound, beautiful uddered, easy fleshing, easy breeders, and excellent dispositions.


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