Alpha Universal AI Sheath -50 pack

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With its specific dome head, the Alpha sheath passes smoothly into the cervix and through the cervical folds. Its dual-lateral delivery improves hygiene during insemination by avoiding backflow.

Its transparent head makes fluids easy to see upon withdrawal and allows easy reading and scanning of the barcode. 

The Alpha sheath is unsplit and can be used with both mini (1/4cc) and medium (1/2cc) straws and is easy to connect to a twist (spiral) gun or universal gun.

By allowing easy insertion into the cervix and through the cervical rings, this innovative sheath ensures that the cow is comfortable during insemination.

Any trauma to the vaginal, cervical, or uterine membranes is avoided with its polished spherical head and its ultra-smooth crystalline plastic.

It also saves time during preparation and insemination by allowing easier insertion of the straw.

Its two lateral outlets guarantee correct semen deposit, regardless of its position.


The Alpha sheath can be used with universal, mini and medium straws