All That Matters

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All That Matters


Reg# 452463

DOB: 2/26/14

BW: 85

Sire: Hard Whiskey

Dam: Minn Porsche 109W

TH: Free

PHA: Free



When you site down to consider your bottom line of selling high dollar cattle you better have All that Matters at the top of  your list.

Bone, width, dimension, plenty of look and style with the hair you want to make them killer.

You need the maternal backing when making females, the rib, shape, and soundness that produces females that make you money.

You need All That Matters.  He is the kind of bull that we haven't seen in the industry for a long time, he's unbelievable good, he was a crowd favorite in Denver, and even better he's clean.

He's the kind to change your bottom line.