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REG: ACA#370497  AMAA#490472

Maintainer High Chi

BW: 90


Sire: Made To Order

Dam: Lueking Emerson 720

This bull is truly ONE OF A KIND! Not very often does a double clean bull have the bone, stoutness, and hair that most dirty bulls have! 1OAK has been one of the most asked about bulls ever to breed dirty cows to that there hasn't been very many options with! We love that this bull has extremely powerful dams on both sides of his pedigree, and actually think he could raise some killer females if mated correctly and keep them clean! Made To Order is having a huge year winning Grand Champion in Denver, NECC, Michigan AGR. His mother is no slouch either she raised two flush mate brothers that were Grand Champion at NECC and Michigan AGR! This bull is a no brainer if your cows are clean or dirty he can do the job! Calves have been extremely hairy, sound, and colorful! 

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